Cloud Collections provide end-to-end debt collections solutions.

We listen, we engage , we adapt to help you get the most out of our solutions.

Adopting this people focused approach means we are able to ensure sustainable financial savings by transferring the necessary skills and experience in Payment Management and Debt Collection solutions.

This approach enables us to respond quickly and help you deliver cost savings and improved cashflow, while protecting your reputation.


Debt Collection Services


We make demand for payment of your account from your debtor to gain their commitment to pay.


We make demand for payment of your account in various ways.

  • Written
  • Telephone
  • SMS
  • Email


Your Debt Collections Specialist will contact your debtor to demand immediate payment. If your debtor is not able to clear your account immediately, we will negotiate the best possible outcome and manage any payment plan to clear your debt as quickly as possible.

Where payment is not made and contact with your debtor is not successful we will make an informed recommendation for further recovery action.


When your debtor does not respond, our field agents will attend to make demand in person.


We partner with licenced investigators to make enquiries in the field on your behalf.

Legal Action & Insolvency

We will recommend the most appropriate course to escalate recovery action.


Where demands for payment are not successful it may be necessary to commence legal proceedings to secure a positive outcome.

We work closely with a panel of solicitors, in every State and Territory, to manage both undefended and defended legal action along with insolvency proceedings.

Your Debt Recovery Specialist will ensure you are kept up to date with the progress of all matters.


Our online client portal allows you to stay informed and in control 24 hours a day.


Debtview™ is our online portal which provides real-time access to all actions and events on your accounts. It not only allows you to see all the work we are doing for you but allows you to manage your accounts on-line and load your overdue accounts into our system for swift action.

Debtview™ also allows you to download a range of management reports and view your statements.


Our payment portal allows your debtors to pay in full or make a payment arrangement.


We provide your customer with their own secure access to our Account Portal allowing them to easily pay their account on-line or make an offer to clear their obligation by instalments.

N.B. Instalment arrangements are only approved if they meet your pre-approved rules.


We will validate the integrity of your information to maximise recoveries.


We wash your data through various sources to ensure we have the most recent and accurate Customer Personal Identifier contact information e.g. phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses.

Don’t let debt slow down your business. Get what you are owed, on time and on budget.

Debt Collection Solutions

For Every Industry


Cloud Collections have a wealth of experience in the Trade Credit area collecting both small and large accounts. We work very closely with many clients, satisfying different needs in specific industries. Our personalised approach enables us to respond quickly and help you deliver cost savings and improved cashflow, while protecting your reputation.


Collecting strata levies is an important function of any successful strata scheme. Our Debt Collections Specialists have experience with collecting strata levies allowing us to deliver strong recovery rates. We work closely with Strata Managers allowing them time to manage the other vital facets of their core business ensuring they can maintain relationships with property owners.

Local Government

Cloud Collections work closely with Local Government to understand their organisation and their community’s requirements when providing Rates and Sundry debt recovery solutions. Our experienced team work hard to deliver a consistently exceptional service. We strive to develop services that not only meet the expectations of Local Government but also ensure that the community is treated with respect and understanding.


Cloud Collections provides specialised debt recovery services to organisations within the medical sector. We understand the importance of recovering outstanding medical accounts with sensitivity and privacy. Cloud Collections have specialised debt collection specialists who are trained in the recovery of Medical accounts.


Cloud Collections specialise in providing debt recovery services to all levels of educational institutions with a sensitive fee recovery solution. We understand the importance of recovering outstanding fees with a sensitive and delicate nature.
Complete debt recovery solutions.

Processes you can rely on.

Professionals you can trust.

Why you should outsource

Your debt recovery
Chasing your own debt is time-consuming, stressful, and expensive, especially if litigation is required.

Outsourcing to debt collection specialists speeds up recoveries and frees up your time for doing what you do best – running your business.

Put your receivables in the hands of the professionals and don’t let debt slow you down.

Cost Efficient

Years of experience and ongoing process improvement means more efficient recoveries.

Customer Centred

Our debt recovery specialists are focused on customer service and exceeding expectations.

Technology Enabled

Our cloud-based platform tracks debts, payments, interest, and costs down to the cent.

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